08 February 2009

Welcome home!

Any Navy wife in Kings Bay should be able to tell you that the place to watch the submarines go in and out is Fort Clinch. Located on the Cumberland Sound, this is where the subs pass between Amelia Island, Florida and Cumberland Island, Georgia on their way to the open ocean. Back in 2005, I decided I wanted to see what this transition looked like from the outside, so we went down to Fort Clinch when the other crew came in. Here are some pictures from that day. We begin with the Coast Guard helicopter sweeping the area long before the sub shows up.
Here one of the Navy guard boats clears a curious fishing boat away from the area.
Now the entourage appears
USS Maryland, SSBN 738
Personel topside
Now the sub bends north around Cumberland Island towards the Kings Bay Sub base


Coty said...

Uh, yeah...it looks totally different from that now. Alot's changed since '05. <3 The Wife

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

When I worked for a contractor at the Base, I enjoyed watching the subs come home or go out to sea. Made me feel so proud of our guys. God bless. ♥ ∞

bothenook said...

big difference between the boomers of today, and the fast attacks in the 70's. we never had company (official US Govt. approved company) leaving or entering port. as a matter of fact, during the spring through autumn months, leaving under the Golden Gate bridge almost always had sailboats loaded with rich guys and their blond babes that would pull along side, or some other maneuver, so the babes could all yell at us to look as they pulled up their tops. gave us something to look forward to coming home to.....