05 February 2009

That's it?

Well, I have to say folks, I'm a little disappointed by the results of my first contest. I honestly thought I would get a little better turn out, but ah, what was I thinking? Anyway, the prize goes to Wiinterrr for her entry:

"The answer to my question, does my butt look bigger in these jeans, is NOT as much as the ones I wore YESTERDAY, mister."

Congrats Wiinterrr, I will be sending you a $25 Amazon Gift Card, I figure that's an appropriate prize. You also get to display the coveted OH SNAP award on your blog (right click and save the image below.) Thanks to Diesel for the idea.

Other entries included (and were limited to):

Cookie: "Well my dearest hubby, ya know those new shoes I just got for ya, well, they are the newest rave in foot apparel, they're actually made out of concrete to help stabilize you when you walk. BTW, why dont'cha come over here by the railing so you can get a better view of the scenery.... :-)"

Linda: "Umm..Honey, it is freezing out here. I can't believe you dragged me out here. Yes, I am giving you the 'look'!"

And the wife: "Arrrgh...me wants me chocolate!" <--Probably the most likely!

And here's mine: "Why didn't more of you put in an entry???"

Thanks to those of you who participated!


Linda said...

AWESOME! Congrats to the winner..don't feel bad, Bud..tis the season..it will pick up again. (for blog hoppers,lol)


Diesel said...

Sorry, I totally would have played if I hadn't been swamped with work. I'm hoping to get out more in the future.

Happy Inappropriate Card Day!