13 July 2008

God's Calling

Ok, this is the Levi Stewart Memorial in Kanab, Utah. History in the area began with Jacob Hamblin, who negotiated with local Indians about Mormon settlements. On Aug 4, 1857, LDS President Brigham Young appointed Hamblin president of the Santa Clara Indian Mission, which he used to conduct negotiations with the Paiute, Moquis, and Navajo. He also assisted Major Powell's exbedition of the area in 1869-72. Two attempts at settling the area failed prior to 1870 when Levi Stewart led a group of pioneers from Pipe Spring, AZ. Fort Kanab, a local word for a willow basket used to carry an infant, had been established a year before by Hamblin. The town of Kanab was organized on Sep 11, 1870. But on dec 14, the fort caught fire, killing Levi's wife Margery and five sons. The pioneers did not give up, though, and the settlement continued. As early as 1922, Hollywood directors found the areas scenery perfect for Western movies, and before long, the town became a hub for tourists visiting nearby, Zion, Bryce, and Grand Canyons.

Indian Paintbrush, a Southwestern native flower. An Indian legend (turned childrens book) tells a story of a young artist who wanted to paint a sunset, but did not have the right colors. The Indian spirits heard him and gave him brushes with the right colors and he painted the sunset. When he finished, he placed the brushes in the ground, and they became the flower known as Indian Paintbrush.

Petrified wood, another common local resource

The beautiful surounding landscape

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