07 July 2008


Ok, so after seeing Tucson, we headed up to Payson, AZ, and passed through the old mining town of Globe. It was founded around 1875 and saw the wild side of the west a few times. An excellent site to read about it can be seen here. I'm not going to copy/paste the whole thing here.
Mine trails

Flag flown over the AZ capitol on September 11, 2001
This plaque was originally on the Old Dominion Library, which burned down on March 12, 1981. The plaque was the only thing to survive the fire, and is now located at the Chamber of Commerce. It reads "This tablet is erected by Old Dominion Copper Mining and Smelting Company to commemorate the bravery and self sacrifice of John James, Joseph Karpinsky, John C. Moffet who lost their lives in the fire at the Interloper Shaft February 20, 1906."

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