10 July 2008

A not so golden arch

Ok, this is the Tonto Natural Bridge, near Payson. It is the largest Travertine Bridge in the world and is spectacular! The bridge's oddity is that it is belived to have formed by water carrying minerals building the bridge, rather than eroding it, like most natural bridges. It is 183 feet high, 150 feet wide, and the tunnel it forms is 400 feet long. It was discovered in 1877 by a Scotsman named David Gowan, who was running from Apache Indians, and hid in one of the several small caves of the bridge. In 1898 he convinced his nephew to bring his family to the bridge to settle, and their cabin can still be seen today. This is an amazing place to photgraph, and the strange angles and varied backgrounds allow for the use of several different photo tricks. So, my wife took "our" (her) new camera and went to town with it. "My" poor little point and shoot just couldn't keep up. So with the exception of the above photo, all the rest are hers. These are my favorites.

The mineral rich water running off the edge of the bridge, continuing to slowly build it.
The water rains down on the rocks below

Look closely and you can see a hole that goes through the bridge to the top.

the colors....
A passing jetliner contrasts with the shimmering reflection of the falling water.
And finally, we see the ever intrepid Budd family boldly going on another "arduous" adventure.

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