15 July 2008


Ok, this is Freemont Street, Las Vegas, just a block away from our hotel and the most famous place in Vegas after the strip. For years considered the heart of Vegas, it now focuses on its classical aspect, using its history and low prices to compete with the strip. It was named for John Freemont, the general, explorer, and senator, and in 1994 was closed to vehicles to create a walking only street. This also led to adding the Freemont Experience, a roof formed over the street by lights that perform periodic shows every night. Many of these casinos have become famous over the years by their appearance in films and shows, and these photos are all the wife's. Above is the Boyd's California.
the Plaza
Glitter Gulch
Pioneer Club

Binion's Horseshoe
Golden Nugget
4 Queens

Golden Goose
Main Street Station

Above and below, a couple shots of the Freemont Experience, which is not nearly as interesting as it was when I was here before. Most of it was a long ad.

Warning! boobies ahead!!!!!

Serously, what's Vegas without a showgirl?

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