13 July 2008

The Slot

Ok, this is Antelope Canyon, a slot canyon near Page made of Navajo Sandstone and eroded away by flashfloods. We took a local tour of the canyon, turned out to not be such a great idea with a kid. About halfway up the canyon, he got claustrophobic, and the large number of people made it really difficult to enjoy. But anyway, we got some good photos. And for this, we traded cameras back and forth and even the little point and shoot held its own here, so these are a mix. If you like a photo, just assume its hers.

We're goin' on an adventure, Charlie!

The strange, alien landscape around Page that is home to the canyon

Entrance to the canyon

Part of why the canyon is only open to tours. As usual, vandals got their hand at it, as seen here in the canyon's "bullet wounds."

Some of the sand that naturally moves around the canyon, continung a process that has gone on for years.

looking up
People to show the size of the canyon, and if you look closely near the top, you can see a small hole in the wall.
remains of a recent flashflood

A rare family grouping, me, Dad, Wife, and Kid

Looking up the wash from the other end of the canyon
The other end of the canyon

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